Are you struggling with your weight? You are not alone.

Every year, millions of Americans try to lose weight, only to gain the weight back later.

Work with Dr. Rafiq to make a lifestyle change based on your specific body composition, allowing you to finally shed extra pounds and keep them off.


What is Medical Weight Loss?

Medical weight loss is a healthy lifestyle plan designed by a doctor. During an office visit, your doctor will assess your body functions, lifestyle, nutritional history, and long-term goals to create a tailored weight loss plan just for you. Everyone has different health needs, yet many diets claim that they are the perfect solution for everyone. When you work with a weight loss clinic, you will receive a customized diet plan that is specifically designed for your body.

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One part of a healthy lifestyle

Medical weight loss is usually a non-surgical experience, though your doctor may recommend weight loss surgery in certain situations. Regardless of the weight loss method that your doctor recommends, you will need to make healthy lifestyle changes in order to have lasting results. Choosing whole foods, sticking to an exercise routine, getting enough sleep, and managing your stress levels will all contribute to your overall health, making it easier for you to maintain your ideal weight.

While most cases of obesity are caused by overeating, there are other medical conditions that can cause a person to gain weight. Your doctor will be able to perform blood tests to see if your weight issues are caused by an underlying problem. They can also test for type 2 diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, and other issues that you might be dealing with as a result of being overweight.


There are many ways that your doctor can help you learn how to lose weight. One effective method used by North Star Medical is the hCG diet plan, a program that combines hormone therapy with whole-food eating (healthy food). This program was created by Dr. Albert Simeons, a world-renowned endocrinologist recognized for his pioneering work in tropical diseases. While working with severely malnourished women in India, Dr. Simeons discovered a link between the hCG hormone and its ability to utilize stored fat to nourish and deliver healthy children. After years of research, he was able to develop a protocol that utilized this effect of hCG to treat obesity.

Dr. Simeons initially outlined a strict protocol using a very specific group of foods. Today, doctors have expanded on his technique to help people lose weight, learn portion control, and establish healthy relationships with food. Menu options are heavy in vegetables and lean proteins, as well as fruit options and limited grains. Your doctor will select a certain number of calories to eat per day based on your specific needs.

In addition to diet and exercise changes, your doctor might recommend prescription medications or procedures to help you get to a healthy size. After losing weight, your doctor can help you achieve a toned physique with body contouring procedures such as WarmSculpting with SculpSure. While cosmetic surgery can also reduce your body fat, these procedures do not help you implement a healthy lifestyle, which means their results can be difficult to maintain long-term.

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